Las Vegas Lights Up the Sky in Celebration of Chinese New Year with the Chinese Lantern Festival

Get ready to experience Las Vegas in a whole new light; for the first time Las Vegas welcomes the Chinese Lantern Festival with jaw-dropping performances and delicious cuisine. Until Feb 25th Craig Ranch will feature over 1,000 LEDs, thirty-nine larger-than-life, fully-illuminated, lanterns, as well as Chinese cultural performances in celebration of the Chinese New Year. […]

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What is A Green Building?

In the age of going green and being environmentally responsible most of us have caught on that the earth and its resources are simply not sustainable, which is why so many companies are focusing on green buildings. What exactly is a green building?             The ideal green building would allow […]

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Painting Tips From the Pros!

Interior painting can transform any room. It’s a wonderful way to revive your tired walls, expand your square footage and brighten up your space. Did you know that Intertex Las Vegas performs painting in-house. With a painting license and a bid limit of 1 million dollars, we are able to self-perform most painting projects. Our […]

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deteriorated stucco wall

Stucco Repair: The Truth Beyond the Cracks

With its combination of visual appeal and strength, stucco is a favored material for covering walls and ceilings. Still, even the strongest materials can falter over time, and stucco is no exception. As strong as stucco is, cracks still develop and the material can degrade over time, leading many to invest in stucco repair to […]

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red rock canyon

Unique Places to Experience in Las Vegas

Whether you’ve lived in Las Vegas your whole life or are just visiting for a weekend, you will quickly learn that no matter what you love to do, you will find the perfect adventure here. While the Strip gets the most attention and offers many different attractions, guests can encounter many distinct thrills around the […]

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Blueprints with a ruler and pencil

General Contractor vs Specialty Contractor

When associations and companies look to embark on a new project, there are two ways to get the job done: Hire individual specialty contractors to complete each aspect of the job or hire a general contractor to oversee the entire process. At first, it may seem like the better choice to hire specialty contractors for […]

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