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Discovery Gateway

This project was completed in 2007 at a cost of over 18 million dollars for Abbott Brothers Development. It incorporates stainless steel balustrades on all balconies to provide a more modern, unique and clean appearance. Each unit consists of office space and warehouse facilities.


Home - Intertex General ContractorsDestructive/Intrusive Testing

Intertex Las Vegas performs destructive/intrusive testing in more than 300 homes each year for various construction defect attorneys in the valley. We are also actively involved with the various plumbing defect cases that have been ongoing since 2008.

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Bridgeport Marketplace

Bridgeport Marketplace was designed with community in mind. With a walking trail, lake and expansive seating and gathering areas, Bridgeport Marketplace is the place to go not only for shopping and dining, but for socializing and celebrating. Bridgeport Marketplace is an Intertex property.

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HOA Maintenance

From General plumbing issues to backed up sewers, plumbing leaks and complete re-pipes of homes, we can service all your plumbing requirements. Our competent and experience staff have been involved in projects such as Kitec and the Yellow Brass defect cases since 2008 and have successfully completed numerous re-pipe projects throughout the valley.

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Communities continuously experience problems with concrete sidewalks such as lifting due to tree roots, and cracked panels and driveways that pose dangerous trip hazards. Maintaining safety and appearance within common areas of communities is one of the many aspects community managers and board members are faced with on a regular basis. Our services include demolition and pour backs, grinding of trip hazards, re-surfacing of pool decks, panel replacements and root removal.

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Our masonry services include repairs to block walls, new block walls and stone veneer cladding to monument signs or block walls as well as decorative repairs and improvements. All of our masonry work is performed to meet or exceed current building code requirements.

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With the high temperatures in Las Vegas and surrounding cities, it is extremely important to continuously maintain asphalt surfaces to protect them from premature failure and potentially costly repairs. We offer asphalt services that include crack fill, seal coats, new asphalt, slurry seal and re-striping of parking areas.

Home - Intertex General ContractorsDrywall

Whether your drywall repair needs are small or involve complete remodels or renovations, Intertex LV has the experience to assist in providing professional services at competitive pricing.

Home - Intertex General ContractorsPainting

With a million dollar C-4 Painting and Decorating license and highly professional crews, Intertex LV offers painting services that range from painting of wrought iron and red curbs to complete building repaints. Intertex LV uses high quality paint products to suit your specific application and continuously strives to provide competitive pricing, superior customer service and total customer satisfaction.

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